You work where?

Yes, I work at a cemetery. There aren’t a lot of people that yearn to work at a cemetery.  But I have discovered the work to be rewarding and interesting. I would like to share a few of my thoughts and impressions as the Lakeside Cemetery Administrator.

The Jokes… When a person hears that I work at a cemetery, they have to tell me their cemetery joke.  It’s usually the same joke. I’ve heard them all.

The Records… The old cemetery records are voluminous, detailed and precise.  Penmanship mattered more than it does today.  I have gained new insights into life and death in the 19th and early 20th century.  Their lives were hard but also full and rich.

The Calls… Bureau of Criminal Apprehension called for information about a person buried at Lakeside.  Evidently a few suspicious people are scattered amongst Lakeside’s upstanding residents.

A gentleman told me he was moved to tears when I was able to provide him information about a long, lost relative’s cause of death and the location of the grave.

The Visits… I also helped a couple from Alaska locate the grave of their relative.

Another visitor asked to see certain headstones in preparation for a show on ghosts and spirits.

A gentleman visits the grave of his loved one several times each week. I watch him water the flowers and then settle into his car to read the paper. The tender routines of daily life persist after death.

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