What’s New?


This summer, Lakeside Cemetery has definitely been a work in progress!   

ROADS: We’ve been able to repair many of the roads and potholes. (Unfortunately, some are still on the “to do list.”) This should make it much easier for visitors to travel through the cemetery.

EXPANSION: An area on the west side will soon be in the process of being prepared for additional gravesites. In addition, parking spaces were added near the office.

CURRY WOODS SCATTERING GARDEN: Decorative fencing has been installed around the scattering area. A bench and relocation of the monument are in the works.

COLUMBARIUM AREA: The new columbariums and pavers have been placed. The benches, boulders, and gardens still need to be completed. With the addition of the three new columbariums, there is now enough space in this shared area for family and friends to honor and memorialize up to 744 loved ones.

FOUNTAIN, ENTRY GARDEN, AND FLAG: These areas have received (or will soon receive) new edging and “sprucing up.”

POTTER’S FIELD: This area of the cemetery houses many unmarked graves. A monument honoring the individuals who were buried there, long ago, has been installed.

GRAVE DECORATION POLICY: The women who founded Lakeside Cemetery envisioned it as a “place of sanctuary, solitude, quiet adornment, and natural beauty.”   With this goal in mind, the Board revised the Grave Decoration Policy. You’ll find the updated policy under the “Policies” tab. .

August 4, 2022:

The three new columbariums have been installed, and the pavers have been placed. Benches and landscaping around the columbariums still need to be completed. Due to the renovations that still need to occur, the Columbarium Area needs to remain free of plant stands and planters.

May 4, 2022: Lakeside has received good news! Installation of the new columbariums is scheduled for June, 2022.

April 15, 2022: Lakeside Cemetery is adding 3 new columbariums.

Today, more than 60% of Lakeside Cemetery’s interments are cremation. Space in the three existing columbariums is becoming limited. Consequently, the Board of Trustees decided to add three new columbariums to the cemetery.  Construction and landscaping will begin as soon as possible. It will continue for at least a year.

Due to the renovations that will occur, the Columbarium Area needs to remain free of plant stands and planters. If you visit Lakeside Cemetery, you will notice that signs have been posted near the LeDuc, Van Hoesen, and Founders Columbariums

All plant stands have been removed and placed between the cemetery’s dumpster and garage. They may be picked up by family members at any time. In addition, plant stands that were purchased from Lakeside Cemetery may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price. Individuals who wish to have Lakeside Cemetery purchase their plant stand are asked to call the office (651-437-6656). If there is no answer, please leave a message.

The Board of Trustees sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience or distress this decision may cause family members who have loved ones interned in one of the three existing columbariums.

A place for remembrance.

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